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We all know that times have been turbulent, and we all hear so much negative information from the press about the automotive industry. Well we're here to tell you that as a General Motors dealer our confidence level in GM has never been higher. We know this may seem strange to some of you, but as insiders, we believe that these tough times have focused GM on future success unlike any time in the recent past. Very tough decisions are being made at the highest levels of General Motors to ensure it's future success. What is being produced in GM factories right now is equal, or superior, to any automotive product being built anywhere in the world, according to industry leading publications from MotorTrend to J.D Power and Associates. General Motors has not only the confidence in their future, but is giving you, the consumer, the confidence to buy GM cars and trucks. This is designed to give you:
- The best powertrain warranty in the industry (100,000 miles or 5 years)
- And, as always, the best safety protection by giving 6 months of free of OnStar service.

What this says to you, the consumer, is that GM has the confidence not only in their products, but in the future of this great company as well. So we ask you to take another look at GM and see what the media isn’t telling you; that the future is bright for GM and for Rimrock Chevrolet.
 Rimrock Chevrolet is committed to providing our customers the highest level of professional service. We have been a leading dealer for GM for 59 years, and will continue to be well into the future. We have, and will continue to, commit ourselves to provide you the best pricing, and only the highest levels of professionalism both from a sales standpoint, as well as from our award winning service department.
 We have also, over the years, used our resources to provide many benefits to the local area from sports team sponsorship to the many charitable organizations we support. We feel that confidence in, and support of our local community is the least we can do for the people who have helped make us a successful Chevrolet dealer. We promise that your confidence in buying or servicing your vehicle with not only Rimrock Chevrolet, but General Motors as well will provide you years of driving satisfaction, and a feeling of pride that you have supported one of the greatest American companies of all time. Again thank you for your continued support of Rimrock Chevrolet and the General Motors Corporation.
Ken Fichtner,

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